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To promote farming in a sustainable way in order for the Bahamas as a country to feed itself by providing top quality chicken and produce to the Bahamian market. Our most recent visitors were professionals in poultry packaging and another gentlemen who has a Phd in agriculture said they have been all over the world and our chickens are the most healthy chickens they have seen in the last 15 years. The Bahamas is a politically independent country, but we import most of our food from other countries amounting to a 500,000,000.00+ million dollar a year import food bill for a country of 350,000 people even though we have enough land available to feed ourselves. That is money that leaves our economy and never comes back. How can we claim true independence if we cannot feed ourselves? Is that not one of the most basic human requirements? Just as a child cannot be independent of its parents if they cannot even meet this basic requirement neither can a country.


Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm is located  on the beautiful island of Abaco in the Bahamas. We are a 100 percent Bahamian owned family company. The company began operations in 1995 with 3 principle share holders, Lewis Pinder and his two sons Rudy and Buddy. 

We raise 1 day old chickens to market size and processes them for food. Our chicken is often on our customer’s plate within 24hr of it leaving one of our 5 poultry barns. 

Unlike many commercial poultry farms which try to compensate for poor farming practices and stressed out animals with antibiotics and other medications, our chickens are grown in a low stress environment and are treated as humanely as possible. A unhappy animal does not eat and does not grow well. So it is in our interest to make them happy in fact the doors to our poultry barns can be left open and the chickens do not even typically leave they stay inside. We do not use hormones, steroids or other preservatives so that we can supply the consumer with an all natural top quality product.

The company over the years has grown beyond its poultry operations to other agricultural ventures, including avocadoes, persian limes and bananas, but stopped growing bananas in 2006. We have 20 full time employees and a processing crew of 20 workers. There have been times that we have employed over 50+ people many of them Bahamian citizens.
Over the years our brand has because synonymous with quality and everyone who has tried it recognizes our chicken as some of or if not the best tasting & cleanest chicken in the world. Many visitors to Abaco from Europe, the United States and all over the world often ask why the chicken on the island tastes so good. We also have had many visitors to our farm who comment that it is the cleanest chicken farm they have ever visited.